Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cyber Fibers

At the urging of my husband, I have finally committed to the blogging world. I haven't felt this plugged in since Tron.

My plans for world blogination? Well I thought I would start by humbly sharing my love for the fiber arts, knit and crochet in particular, with the would be fiber-art consuming public. Having just relocated to the mid-west, I am finding myself rejuvenated by a community who has bonded many a cold winter over exquisite yarns and swoon-inducing pattern books.

The only problem? I'm so distracted by new techniques and the allure of a brand-spanking-new-hand-knit sweater, I've all but neglected my own designs. But...never is the dawn of a new era! Newly anointed with a account, I am plugged in to the cyber fiber realm. I am ready world. Hear me knit.

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